Sunday, 12 September 2010

21st Birthday Card

Thought I would do something different with a 21st card.

I needed to do a card for a work mate, so all the office could sign, and I had a brain wave (that's this years brain activity used up). My laptop has a web cam, that my nephews and niece love as it can distort your face they have loads of fun. So instead of signing a card, I did a word card/book and distorted the faces of all that wanted to join in, I even got the bosses on there! I added a few embellishments to some photos of those that did not mind, shows my silly sense of humour.

Me on the left!

The two bosses, one was a little shy I think he liked his head missing!
It was great fun to make, especially trying to get the photos done when Andrea went out to lunch.