Saturday, 10 October 2015

My 2015 Craft Retreat

This is my third year at a craft retreat, held every September. As usual I had a fabulous time. This year I had two extra days at the hotel with my husband and my dog. The hotel is near a small lake and park, so we had lots of walks. Also in the hotel is a pool which I usually do not use but I took my costume this time and tried to swim! Dean is like a fish and he can swim with no effort what so ever, me I have to really work hard to stay afloat!! First day I could not swim a length with out stopping half way, but I could do a length the next day, but had to rest between lengths as I am so not fit.

As you can see the lake and the woods were very pretty, and Noddy (the dog) had a great time.

He really really wanted to make friends with the squirrel...well may be not friends with him being a terrier.

After Noddy and Dean went home it was time for the crafting. Two and a half days of cutting and gluing and some laughs with other crafters.

We get goodies to craft with, all meals included and our own room. I also won one of the star prises this year in one of the games, a lovely stamp set and punch.

Stampin᾿ Up! Supplies
Table built by

These are the things we made. If you wanted details of items I used to make them they will be on my demonstrator web page, while they are in stock.