Sunday, 24 August 2014

Reduced Quantity with Quality Street!

Just a little bit off the crafting track, although crafting and chocolate do go hand in hand.

We have just purchased some Quality Street chocolates in a tub. I am saying tub as it is plastic. When I was growing up it was a tin. I then thought hang on a moment I have an old chocolate tin I keep all my cake decorating things in, and it is Quality Street. The photos show the difference.

The 2014 plastic tub has 756g net and the tin has 2180g net and this would have been 1988 or 1989. If you feel guilty about getting through a tub of chocolates quickly these days it because its approx 65% smaller than when you were growing up!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Baby Boy Exploding Box smothered in Stampin up

Congratulations to my Cousin Darren and his lovely partner Jurate, they have a beautiful baby Michael Christopher Pickett. The baby was born on August 13th at 9pm, and I made them this exploding box card the weekend after, as I do not like making things like this until the baby has been born. It was posted off on Monday and they should have it by now. There are a lot of photos and I have used so many stamps, punches, colours, dies and papers from Stampin up that I can't list them all at the bottom so have only listed a few!

This is the bottom layer before I put the box together.

Washi tape along the top of each square.

Don't tell me off, I have used one of last years Stampin' Up ribbons that is not available this year, but I did not have anything to trim the bottom edge of the shoe. Our current lace trim is cream colour and it did not match the white of the paper. I bought extra of this ribbon before it went out of stock, it is elasticated and I will cry when I have used it.

I put our hand written greeting in the the box lid, I hope they see this or they will think it is a mystery RAK until they see it on my Facebook page!

Here goes at trying to remember what I have used.

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