Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lace Box Photos

I now have some still photos of the lace box.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Birthday Card - Dress form

I have made a birthday card using Stampin up products. I love this dress form and can see other dress colours may have to be made!

Lace Box

I have made a lovely lace box to keep my laces in, so the are clean, tidy and tangle free! I used a cereal box, covred it with Stampin up papers and decorated with lace and trims. I have three more boxes to decorate so watch this space!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Decorated Christmas box and tags

After my crafting weekend I had papers left over and some boxes that I had not decorated, so I thought I would complete one of them and also make some tags. All items use Stampin up items.

I completed a video to show you around the box and tags.

Scrapbook pages from craft retreat

On our last day we also completed some scrapbook pages relating to Christmas. I took some photos from 2011, as I had only take two photos in 2012, not sue why.

This one I completed at home with some of the papers from the course. I wanted it simple as I liked the papers and ribbon.

Below are the links to the videos of the retreat crafted projects.

This was the memory album I made showing pictures from the weekend.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Craft retreat project 5 - Days 'til Christmas Tin.

The last day it was Christmas and we were all supplied with a Santa hat! This project was a metal tin which we decorated and inside held the numbers that you place on the chalk board on the front to count down Christmas. It was fun fun Christmas fun!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Craft retreat - Project 3 - picture

This project we received a lovely box frame to make a 3d flower picture. We had all the papers and the frame in our goody bag. I love flowers so really enjoyed this project.

Buy these papers here.

Craft retreat project 2

This project is a card/notelet holder. You can store 5 or 6 cards and envelopes in the neat little folder. In our goody pack we got pearls, card, seam binding ribbon, buttons and a large Stampin up stamp to take home with us.

This is the outside of the wallet.

Pocket one side for the cards and one the other for the envelopes. Some decorated the wallet with papers as well. I did the spine but not the other sections.

I completed 5 cards for the inside, all in a different colour and slight differences with the decoration.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Paper Haven - Stampin up Craft Weekend Project 1

This was my first crafting weekend, and my first stay in a hotel by myself! It was a fabulous weekend hosted by Julie Kettlewell, all the other ladies were fabulous and we all had a great time. The hotel was very good to us as well, we had breakfast buffet lunch and evening meals included. The buffet lunch surprised us all, it was a cooked meal, the only down side was the price of the wine! It was probably good that I did not have much to drink, last thing I want to be is drunk in charge of some scissors or a heat gun.

The first project on Friday night was a box folded from one piece of 12x12 paper. This was fun and took a while to master, but when I got home I made a few more.

This shows the inside which can contain a small card as shown, but would be good for small pieces of jewelry or crafting embellishments given as gifts.

This is the card inside.

I made this one when I got home using some papers left over from the weekend and my Stampin up stamp and die set for the baubles.

The card inside.

Simple one made with non Stampin up papers and a simple bow.

Another made with papers left from the weekend and some flowers I stamped while I was there.