Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fabric project folder with pockets

This we made for my sister although she got it 3 months after her birthday! I went to make her this for her birthday and my sewing machine did not work correctly. The tension went all wrong, and I could not adjust it. I was gutted as I had got all excited about sewing again. I was not able to take the machine to a repairer until a few weeks later as Dean was not well and I was up to my neck at work. It went in for a service and came out working fine. Then Dean had his bypass and all the excitment about sewing went out of the window. I booked two weeks off work for the olympics and used this time to do some crafting while I wtched loads of sport. So my sister eventually got her gift. I added some ribbons wound on to bobbins.

London 2012 Olympics

We were very luck to get tickets to the games. We went on the 7th for a morning session. No medals for the morning sesssions but we got to see qualifications or round 1 sessions for Men's 200m, Men's triple jump, women's 5000m men's 110m hurdles and women's javelin.

Firstly the organisation was brilliant, London transport had it all under control, we did feel like sheep being hurded around but we were lucky enough to be kept walking all the time and the trains were fast and regular. The security checks were very fast. We had followed the instructions and arrived two hours befor the session and were in the stadium in very good time, but I would rather it had been like that than have been rushing.

It soon filled up!

The atmosphere was fabulous. I got to do my first mexican wave! Sad I know but I don't usually do these large crowd shows etc. The sound of the cheering followed any runners round the track, you could here the sound approaching you as the runners got closer, it was amazing!

We also got to see Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake Qualify for the 200m. Dean managed to get the pose!

I can not wait to tell the story on scrapbook pages, just got to get myself motivated to sit and do them.

Couple of movie clips that I took to show some of the atmosphere.

Female birthday card

Another card made for a friend, I got to use some of my new fancy frame dies and edge punches. It is also the first time I have used the stamp that I have put the happy birthday on.

Baby Boy card

Kate at work wanted a baby boy card and this gave me the chance of using some new stamps. I love all the bunting stamps and punches that are available at the monment I can not wait to use some on scrapbook pages.

Male Birthday Card

I did not know what sort of card to make for my nephew James this year but I wanted to try something different. This is my first round card and I thought as it rocks I would use a stamp of a ship, swirly paper and a zig zag ribbon to help with the water theme. As his birthday is in Jubilee and Olympic year I though I would add a union flag birthday greeting.