Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Book Card

Well I finished altering the book I bought. I wanted to use this as a birthday card for a fellow crafter. We like to send each other different types of cards.

I painted the book with acrylic sage paint from craftynotions. Then I sponged Olive multi-surface paint again from carfty notions. This made it look old plus this paint has a bit of a pearly sheen, it looked better to the eye than the camera.

I did the metal flowers inside, as I wanted to add interest and also I just wanted to play with metal!! The pictures are rub-ons, and the frame to the inside picture is a length of ribbon crimped onto a piece of strong double sided tape.

I put the to and from section on the very back. I had fun playing with these, and I can not remember which event I was at when I bought the blank, but I have found the manufacturer and you can buy online, but better still they are only a short drive from me!!! Soooooo as I am off work this week where do you think I will be visiting?!!!! Watch this space you could well see some more pen pots ordered by my sister and Niece if they have some of those in stock.