Friday, 25 March 2016

My Planner far!

I started to find that a note book just was not enough at work and I know I had my electronic diary in Outlook, but I needed a planner. The Managers started having a Collins coil diary housed in a leather folder, but I was not a manager at the time. So I went for a Filofax A5. That way I could have a diary and notes. I was into Red and got a cherry Red Filofax classic that was reduced to £38, bargain!

I ended up getting a pen to match, you can just see it, I am a bit obsessed with pens as well. :)

The A5 was and is great but I would have liked a smaller one to fit in my bag when needed, and I stalked Ebay and ended up with a personal and pocket to match.

A Filofax family arhhhh. Makes me so happy!!


At the end of last year I thought I would have a change from red (my work bag was red as well). So I went for turquoise/duck egg type colours. Sooooooo My work diary is now that colour to match!! They laugh at me at work I love matching things.

Got the business diary inserts, and a matching pen.

Then I founds a lovely place on face book called Mrs Brimbles Happy Place. I now have a subscription to a monthly stationery box, a lyradori travellers note book, and I have pre-ordered a rose gold (matches my new purse) Websters pages travellers note book, and am so excited about it coming!

I made a diary charm for the travellers note book.

This insert is smaller but it is the same colour so I had to use it!! The floral folder I made last weekend. It is laminated and I made it in a way were I could make a cut after I laminated it which them gave me a pocket as I had folded the paper before laminating.

A few sticky notes that were in the front of the smaller insert. This book was in my handbag before I added it as an insert.

This insert I bought with the cover. I have printed a chart which I am recording all the data from my Fitbit. I have glued them into the insert and it has made the pages really nice to handle. I am recording my exercise as well (this is not taking long to do at the moment!).

The last insert is blank at the moment, and is surrounded by another folder that I have made.

I have a pouch for some of my stickers and extra Papermate Joy pens and a pencil with a pencil cap on it.

Watch this space for my Rose Gold Websters pages!!