Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Birthday card

I just wanted to use my new embossing folder from Stampin up, so my Sisters birthday card seemed to be the time to try it! I made the background then did not know what to add to it so it could have been better if I had put in a little more thought instead of just rushing to try the folder.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bag charm for me

I thought I would make another for myself with bags and a shoe...just my cup of tea!!

Bag charm three

This one has been done using an old bag charm and adding new things. I could not find many large beads in this colour theme then I remembered some that decorated the outside of Christmas crackers that I rescued before they went in the bin. They just added the right size to the bag charm.

Altered earrings

These had feathers hanging and the owner was going to throw them way. I rescued them and found a circle bead for the bottom instead. Lets hope she likes them!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bag charms

I have long wanted to have a go at a bag charm, so I made one for Kate who I work with as a trial! She liked it so may be it was OK!

I am not so happy with the one I did for myself. I love the key with the added wings, but I did not have any larger beads to add to it so all the beads I have added are a bit small, instead of various sizes, I can change it when I find some beads I like. I added some coiled, coloured, wires instead and I am not sure I like those either! I am hard to please!!!