Saturday, 16 April 2016

New Travellers Note Book.

I have ventured into the world of Wester's Pages via Mrs Brimbles. I have been watching the lovely note books the others have on Mrs Brimbles Happy Place on Facebook, and then up pops a thread that said pre-orders were being taken for Webster's Pages, and I watch a video of what is being offers and fell in love with the travellers note book in Platinum Rose. It matches my new purse, how could I say no?

This week the notebook has arrived and I have spent half of Saturday moving in to it and making a book mark, a card holder to hold some post-it notes, and a hello card that has been laminated so I can add some Washi tape if needed. I have decorated the Kraft coloured note book that came with the order, and I have added the extra books that I also added to my order. I love it!

It comes in a fabulous box.

I am so pleased I remembered I had a pearly pink and gold pen and it looks fabulous with the set up.

I made a book mark in case i want to mark a page for later in the day. If I do not want to use the book mark I also decorated a giant paper clip with ribbon.

In the small top pocket I have cut some pink card stock which goes well with the pink interior of the notebook. I have folded the top of the card and it holds a selection of post-it notes and is decorated with washi tape.

The under side of the post-it notes.

The middle small pocket I have made this card with the word hello. I thought I may want to wrap some washi round the card so I can use it when I am away from the craft area.

This is a piece of card with a larger post-it note, but it matches the see through pocket, which you could add a picture to, but I loved the way this post-it fitted.

My giant paper clip.

This is the Kraft coloured note book that came with the book. I have covered with a gold paper, and rounded the corners of the cover and the pages to match the other two books. I did not want to cover the two extra note books I purchased as they have a lovely finish on them as if they have been coated to help them last longer.

The back of the travellers note book cover has a slot so you can add a long note pad or to do list pad. I had one that fitted but the cover was red and blue so a bit of my Stampin' Up paper helped to make it match the theme.

A fun afternoon. :)