Thursday, 2 October 2014

Get well card

My sister had to miss our Silver Wedding Anniversary meal as she was poorly, so I sent back a get well soon card, with a little note in side. She has a great eye regarding interior design and colours and arranging things, and the gift she sent over with my dad, was beautifully decorated and arranged. Thank you Sis xx.

She also made a cake, but only iced it the day before she was ill, so she did not know if we wanted to eat it! At the time of writing, we are still wondering! It is fruit so it will be OK to wait a while. I loved the glitter icing on our names, and she was going to bring a chocolate one as well, we were very spoilt.

My colleague at work also made a cake, this one was sponge so we are eating this one first.

This was the gift arrangement from my sister, it was fabulous.